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  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Badalona, Spain
  • Badalona, Spain
  • Badalona (Baetulo in Roman times) is a city in Spain. It is located in the comarca of the Barcelonès near the city of Barcelona. It is situated on the left bank of the small river Besòs and on the M...
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  • Fashion Against Aids 2009
  • Weapons on mass distraction FUNNY MILITARY TRAINING
  • Dieppe, France, The castle, Château de Dieppe
  • Fortaleza-Brasil
  • West Palm Beach, Florida, USA
  • Eugen Ungureanu invitat la Festivalul Vaii Bistrei
  • Dieppe, France, The castle, Ch?teau de Dieppe
  • West Palm Beach, Florida, USA