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Breakfast: Paul Henry highlights
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  By: Mikaere     Date: 11-11-09     Report Abuse
High Paul
I don't know what the fuss is about Hone Harawera is right in what he said. I think he is only being used to take the attention off Rodney Hide. I mean even though Rodney paid the money back, the fact is he still stole it to use it and you can't name me a politician who has'nt stolen from the nz public even Helen clark stuffed the economy and she still got paid for doing it. NZ has too many politicians and back benchers should'nt be paid while they are not in office, especially the amount they recieve ant still get their travelling expenses on top. What a crock Hone is right it's not him ripping off the NZ public.
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For more on Breakfast head to www.tvnz.co.nz

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